Refund policy

Refund policy

If the Adult Learner withdraws one month prior to the program's start date, 100% paid tuition will be refunded.  After that date, tuition will be refunded less a deduction of:

After 100 academic hours, no refunds will be made except in the case of extreme health problems.  

Refunds are computed from the date of official withdrawal, not from the time when the Adult Learner ceases attending classes.  The Adult Learner is required to withdraw officially by writing a letter of intent to the attention of Executive Director, CEO, and Level Coordinator.

All refunds will be processed and mailed on or about 30 days from receipt of written notice. We recommend sending notice by certified mail to ensure delivery.

CANCELLATION OF PROGRAM: CME|NY reserves the right to cancel any program prior to its start due to lack of enrollment.  In the event of such cancellation, paid fees, deposits, and tuitions will be refunded with payments sent on or about 30 days from date of cancellation notice.