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Marie M. Dugan

MarieDuganCourse for School Management and Leadership (CMSM)

Marie M. Dugan was the Interim Executive Director of the American Montessori Society in 2004. Former AMS President and Board Member for 13 years, Marie was Head of the Wilmington (DE) Montessori School for 25 years. She served on Middle States Accreditation Commission Board, former AMS Accreditation Commission member and Chair of the AMS School Heads Section. She currently chairs the AMS Centennial Campaign Committee, the  Archives Committee and the Keynote Committee for the 2007 Centennial Conference.  She is a co-representative to the United Nations and an Educational Consultant for AMS and CMTE/NY. Marie was honored as the 2009 AMS Living Legacy.


“CMSM was an incredible opportunity for me as a veteran administrator seeking Montessori certification as a pubic school principal.  I had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the similarities and differences between public, private and charter schools.  The experiences, wisdom and advice from the staff as well as my collegial classmates were invaluable.  Today, Armatage Montessori School has 625 students with a waiting list that continues to grow each day.  The summer training combined with a rigorous curriculum that stretched my understanding of the Montessori philosophy and how it can be effectively intertwined into the 21st century education system while maintaining the core beliefs of Dr. Montessori is a tribute to CME|NY.”


-- Joan Franks, Principal

Armatage Public Montessori School

Mpls,. MN


“CMSM gave me the knowledge and confidence necessary to fulfill my position as Head of School over the last three years. If I had to choose the best part of the program, I would say that it is the connections, networking, and friendships developed. Being a new Head of School, the mentors who took me under their wing and have supported me in my successes and challenges have proven to be priceless.”

-- Meg Sheehan, Director

North Shore Montessori School

 Stony Brook, NY


“CMSM was full of fun, intelligent, accomplished people. The program was exceptional! I was impressed by the intellectually stimulating curriculum, the diverse group of classmates from Montessori schools around the nation and the superb blend of world-class faculty. The program helped me review my own leadership style, my organizational culture, and the kind of mindset a Montessori leader needs in order to be successful in the 21st century. This program will make you a more effective and more productive Montessori school administrator.”


--Munir Shivji, Executive Director

The Institute of Montessori Education & Head of School,

The Innovative School

Houston, TX


“I love CMSM.   I enrolled at CMSM last summer to deepen my understanding of the Montessori philosophy.  Although I was not new to school administration, CMSM gave me an opportunity to connect with some of the brightest Montessori educators and colleagues from all over the country and engage in meaningful conversations about education.   It was a great balance of theory and practice, challenging but not overwhelming . The staff was exceptional and committed to our role as administrators in Montessori schools.   I connected with people who will be lifetime friends!”



--Ingrid W. Tucker, Ed.D., Head of School

 Cambridge Montessori School

Cambridge, MA



"CMSM gave me a solid starting foundation for being principal at Morehead Montessori. I was able to utilize my newly acquired Montessori community building concepts to give our staff an opportunity to build stronger relationships."

-- W. Renee Carmon, Ed. D.

Principal, Morehead Montessori Magnet Elementary

Durham, NC

Program Dates CMSM

Academic Phase

Part I:  Sunday, July 13 -  Friday, July 18, 2014 

Part II:  Sunday, July 20 - Friday, July 25, 2014

Part III:  Summer 2015

Practicum Phase (Part IV)

September 2014 – June 2015

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