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CME|NY: One Day Professional Development Conference




FEE: $285* per person, continental breakfast and lunch included

*Send 4 people from one school, the fee for the fourth participant is only $100.00 (or 4 people for $955.00)

Held at the Radisson Hotel, New Rochelle, New York

Thursday, July 24, 2014

8:30 am - 6:00 pm

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Certificate of attendance with 6.5 Professional Development Hours from CME|NY (AMS)


8:30 am - 9:30 am                                Check-In & Vendor Booths
9:30 am - 12:00 pm                              Workshops  (select one)

Toddler Montessori Session:

"Connecting Parents to the Values of the Montessori Toddler Curriculum" Presenter: MARISA RAE

Early Childhood Montessori Session A:

"Fostering Cultural Awareness” Presenter: MUNIR SHIVJI

Early Childhood Montessori Session B: 

"Building a Better Circle" Presenter: NANCY ROSE

Elementary Montessori Session:
"Creating Grace and Courtesy: The Importance of Montessori Education to engage Today's Elementary Children in a Peaceful Community" Presenter: LISA LUBIN

Directors, Heads, School Owners, Board Members Session: 

"Developing Symbiotic Partnerships: Mutually Engaged for the Future" Presenter: SUSAN KAMBRICH

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm                          Catered Lunch

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm                            Book Signing with Carole Wolfe Korngold  Vendor Booths

1:30 pm - 3:00pm                            KEYNOTE ADDRESS: "Setting the Peace Table for Adults"  Presenter: Martha Torrence  

3:30 pm - 5:00 pm                           Breakout Groups and Activities 

5:00 pm  - 6:00 pm                           CLOSING SESSION Meet and Mingle Networking & Cash Bar



FEE: $285* per person, continental breakfast and lunch included 

 *Send 4 people from one school, the fee for the fourth participant is only $100.00 (or 4 people for $955.00)

Registration Deadline: JULY 10, 2014

To register please click this link: http://cmteny.com/enrollment-applications/online-registration.html

To pay your registration fee online click this link: http://www.cmteny.com/online-payment.html




DIRECTORS/OWNERS/BOARD MEMBERS SESSION:"Developing Symbiotic Partnerships: Mutually Engaged for the Future"
The board of trustees and school owners sometimes need clarification on roles and responsibilities to ensure that the school leaders whom they have hired are able to do their best work.  We need board of trustees to be involved.  We need the support of owners. But what consitutes a healthy partnernship?  What does successful engagement look like?  How much involvement is a good balance, how little is too little, how much is too much?  What are the appropriate roles for each identity? How can we help board members and owners learn more about the Montessori method, to better support their own schools.  We will explore practical ideas for building successful partnerships between school leaders and their Board or Owner in this interactive workshop.  Participants will have the opportunity to dialogue with one another about their roles as school leaders and the challenges they face.

Presenter Susan Kambrich, M.Ed. has been the Head of School at Woodland Hill Montessori School in North Greenbush, NY for the past 14 years.  She has taught Primary, Lower and Upper Elementary in Montessori schools in Hudson, Ohio, Madison,  Wisconsin,  and Rensselaer, NY.   She is credentialed AMI in Elementary 6-12, Administration AMS (CME|NY) and has New York State public school certification as a School Building Leader.  She is on the AMS Board of Trustees., and on the Board as Treasurer of the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS).    She has served as Chair and member on many Accreditation Teams through NYSAIS and AMS, and has presented at Montessori Conferences in areas of school leadership.

ELEMENTARY 6-9 SESSION: "Grace and Courtesy in the 6-9 Classroom, and Why Montessori Education is so Crucial to Children Growing up Today"

This interactive workshop will examine the growing social, emotional, and academic characteristics of the 6-9  year old children in our classrooms and will compare/contrast them to children who lived during the time when Maria Montessori was establishing her original classrooms. The workshop will examine the fundamental needs of the children in our time today and how we can effectively meet the complex emotional and social needs of children during their Lower Elementary years in the culture and environment we create.  The following topics will be discussed:

  1. An examination and comparison of the characteristics of children who lived in the 1800’s and children with whom we work today
  2. A review of the 2nd plane of development as described by Maria Montessori
  3. An examination of the social/emotional needs of the children we see in our classroom today
  4. Brainstorm ways to bring parents together with teachers to share and understand the conflict that is occurring between the expectations at home and the expectations at school
  5. Presentation of practical skills/materials for Grace and Courtesy that will help our 6-9 year old students navigate their way effectively through the complex relationships that they encounter during social and academic interactions at school

Workshop attendees will leave this workshop with renewed appreciation for the many innate gifts and needs that the 6-9 year old child brings to the classroom.  We will collectively think about ways to provide parent education at our schools to offer consistent and collaborative expectations for the children in our schools to help create more peaceful places for our children.

Presenter Lisa Lubin has been involved in Montessori education since 1992 and has been a faculty member of CME|NY since 2000. She is currently the Language presenter for the Early Chidhood Course and she serves as a field consultant and mentor. Lisa holds a certificate in Educational Resources and Special Needs (Niagara College), and a B.A. in English Education and a M.S. in Education (Foundations & Teaching) from Niagara University, where she has served as Adjunct Professor.  She has an AMS Early Childhood Credential (CMTE/NY) and Elementary I credential  (CMTE/NY). She currently teaches in an Elementary classroom at Wheatley School of Montessori Education in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHERS SESSION A: "Fostering Cultural Awareness" 

Dr.  Montessori consciously designed social communities and educational experiences that cultivate the child’s sense of independence, self-respect, love of peace, passion for self chosen work done well, and ability to respect and celebrate the individual spirit within people of all ages and the value of all life. As Montessori educators, we have a responsibility to deliberately teach children  appropriate patterns of polite behavior and to instill basic universal values within the core of the child’s personality. These values include self-respect, acceptance of the uniqueness and dignity of each person we meet, kindness, peacefulness, compassion, empathy, honor, individual responsibility, and courage to speak from our hearts. When we provide knowledge of all people and promote peace and culture in our daily classroom experiences and activities, we enable children to gain a higher level of empathy, global understanding, and universal values.

This resourceful workshop will offer ways to develop global awareness and to promote a global perspective in your classroom community using the Montessori curriculum, one that is, at heart, international in heritage and focus. You will create your classroom's continent studies with objects, pictures and resources to illustrate peace in each culture. Fill your bag, and your well, with inspirational ideas, music, and materials you make and take.

Presenter Munir Shivji is the Head of The Innovative School and Executive Director for The Institute of Montessori Education in Houston. Munir has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Houston, an AMS Early Childhood Credential from HMC and an AMS Montessori Administrator Credential (CME|NY). He serves as a Professional Director on the board of the American Montessori Society and is the chairman of the AMS development committee.


 Presenter Nancy Rose is the Executive Director of New England Early Childhood Associates (NEECA) an organization providing a variety of outreach services to individuals and organizations serving young children and their families in the New England area.  In addition to a BA in distributed studies, Nancy Rose holds a Masters degree in special education and teaching certificates from both the American Montessori Society and the Association Montessori Internationale. She has served as a faculty member and has been a guest lecturer at several colleges, universities and teacher training programs and has been involved in all facets of early childhood education for more than 40 years. She has presented at numerous AMS conferences.

Nancy has conducted numerous  professional and parent workshops. She serves as a consultant to teachers, school systems and local community agencies and has served as a board member of the Rhode Island Association for the Education of Young Children, the American Montessori Society and the Rocky Mountain Montessori Teachers Association. She was a co-founder and academic director of the Montessori Teacher Training Program of the Rockies and a co-founder of the AMS Peace Committee.

TODDLER MONTESSSORI SESSION: "Connecting Parents to the Values of Montessori Toddler Curriculum" 

"What is the value of a Montessori TODDLER program? What does my child do all day? How can parents bring the curriculum to home? What do you possibly mean when you say a 'curriculum' for toddlers, doesn't my child just play all day?" Parents ask, again and again, and new teachers -- even experienced teachers -- often get tongue-tied when having to explain what goes on in their Toddler program to parents. It is often even more difficult to articulate why a Montessori program is so important for this age group and that it is not about "preparing the child for the next level." This session is designed to help you better articluate your values and goals for the toddler children in your care, and why, as according to Dr. Montessori, this time of life is so critical to the healthy development of the whole person.

Presenter Marisa Rae is an AMS certified Infant and Toddler specialist (CMTE/NY) from Ithaca, NY. She served as the Head Teacher in the Montessori Children's Center Toddler community from 2004 to 2008, when she left to give birth to her son. She joined Ithaca Montessori in Ithaca, NY in 2009 and remained until 2011, with the birth of her daughter. Marisa has a B.A. from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, PA. She has worked with children in varying capacities for over two decades. She mentored, tutored, and counseled with the Sisters of Mercy Outreach program and Project Upward Bound and finds considerable inspiration in her at home Infant/Toddler/ Primary Lab. Marisa does consulations with Infant and Toddler programs and is on the staff of the CME|NY Infant and Toddler course.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS AND ALL LEVEL WORKSHOP: "Setting the Peace Table for Adults"

Setting the Peace Table for Adults

Schools are intense hives of community activity and emotional intensity. Teachers, administrators, and interns share a common thread of reality and challenge. Yet we face a troubling irony:  we don’t always get along with each other.  We have signed on to become educators because we are passionate about children and their learning and care deeply about improving the world of education for the next generation. Yet some of the most vexing issues we encounter in school life are those related to adult-adult relationships.

  • How can we bring Montessori’s vision of a “new world” into our existing relationships at work?
  • What is our own vision for our own schools as adult communities?
  • How can we become better able to use Montessori’s focus on peace education and education for a new world to inform our current and future relationships within our schools?
  • Which psychological infrastructures in schools best support productive, collegial adult relationships?

This timely, engaging, and dynamic keynote address and presentation, by Martha Torerence, will identify common issues, explore the path of adult transformation, and describe ways to develop school cultures of grace, courtesy, and collegiality.

During the follow-up breakout session we will turn theory into practice as we connect, collaborate, and engage in serious play!  You will be revived and energized and be able to bring back to your school tools to help transform your school culture and community.

Martha Torrence has been a Montessori educator since 1977, serving as a classroom teacher, Head of School, curriculum coordinator, teacher researcher, workshop presenter, and teacher educator. She is currently Head of School at Summit Montessori School in Framingham, MA. Martha served on the AMS Board of Directors for 11 years. She was AMS Teachers’ Section Chair for 9 years, served on the AMS Executive Committee for 3 years and was Board President for 1 year. Martha currently serves on the Board of the Montessori Schools of Massachusetts as the organization’s Vice President.  Martha was Principal and Head Teacher in the Pre-primary classroom at the Xavier Univ. Lab School for 3 years. She co-founded Our Children’s Center in State College, PA, serving as its Head for over 20 years. Martha was recently Director of Toddler/Primary Programs at Cambridge Montessori School in Cambridge, MA.  A Teacher’s Research Network participant, Martha has written award-winning articles on her research topic, play. She holds a Liberal Arts B.A. and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Supervision (Penn State University); and an AMS Early Childhood credential (AERCO/Ithaca). Martha has been a CMTE/NY - CME|NY faculty member since 1990, teaching Sensorial and Math in the Early Childhood level and Philosophy and Early Childhood Overview for CMSM (the Course for School Management and Leadership).

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