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Practicum Site Guidelines

 Center for Montessori Teacher Education|NY

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NOTE: Intern, Supervising Teacher, and Head of School should all read these guidelines. All should sign the Practicum Site Agreement Form (PSAF). The Supervising Teacher should complete the Supervising Teacher Information Sheet (STIS).

All forms must be returned to CME|NY before the internship (practicum) phase begins. 

  • Supervising Teacher Experience: A Supervising Teacher must have a Montessori Credential and at least be in the second year of teaching after receipt of the Montessori Credential.  A copy of the credential must be submitted to CME|NY. The supervising teacher must be a regularly employed Montessori teacher who works alongside the intern in the same classroom. Supervising Teacher responsibilities are outlined in the Supervising Teachers’ Handbook (provided in the fall).
  • AMS School Membership: CME|NY recommends but does not require the site to be an AMS member school.
  • Non-Discrimination Policy and Licensing: The site must have a written non-discrimination policy for children and staff. The site must meet all local and state regulations.
  • Multi-Age: the classroom must be multi-aged with children ranging from three through six years of age. The minimum class size is 12 to 15 children.
  • Environment: The environment must be designed and equipped to meet the developmental needs of the children served. The environment must include child-sized furnishings and a full array of recommended Montessori materials for the age range, arranged on open shelves accessible to all children. 
  • The maximum number of interns that a supervising teacher can be assigned is two adult learners per classroom.
  • Self-directed Internship: The adult learner teaches in his/her own class at a Montessori school that has been approved by CME|NY. In order to do a self-directed practicum, the intern should have previous Montessori experience and/or classroom experience. There is an additional fee for adult learners who are approved for self-directed practicums, which includes additional support and additional consultation visits.
  • Agreement and Job Responsibilities: CME|NY requests a copy of the job description/letter of agreement signed by the Adult Learner and School Official. This information will be kept confidential. The agreement should include the nature and type of remuneration as well as outline of the job responsibilities.
  • Entry into the Early Childhood Practicum: No part of the practicum may preceed the beginning of the academic phase of the course.  An Adult Learner who chooses to take the academic phase over 2 years may enter into a 2-year internship.


The internship should include the following:

a.  The intern works a minimum of 3 hours per day, five days per week.

b.  The intern remains in the same classroom throughout the practicum year.

  1. The supervising teacher schedules regular sessions with the intern to confer about the class session, plan sessions, work with materials, meet with parents, and/or participate in other activities related to the intern's class.

d.  The intern has 10 days of release time to fulfill course requirements requiring his/her absence from school. These include monthly observations in other schools and attendance at fall practicum and spring seminar.

e.  Interns in their practicum experience should not be asked to provide services to the school/center other than those listed in the agreed upon job description unless mutually agreed upon by both parties.

It is the responsibility of the school to notify the office of any variation from the conditions stated above.  Neglecting to do so may jeopardize or invalidate the adult learner’s practicum.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need our assistance on any matter.


In support of a successful internship experience CME|NY will provide:

  1. Field consultants for a minimum of 3 visits to the interns at the internship site. If additional consultation visits from CME|NY are deemed necessary (either by CME|NY or the school), there is an additional fee of $575 per visit.
  1. All interns choose an Early Childhood mentor to stay in contact with throughout the school year.  This encourages connection, positive growth and provides support and essential feedback to both the intern and CME|NY throughout the school year.  The mentor and mentee should correspond on a monthly basis and more often if necessary.
  1. Self-directed Interns will receive a minimum of 6 visits.

  1. Self-directed interns are required to journal weekly beginning the first week of school until the fall seminar and be in weekly contact with their mentor. Journaling contact must be established for at least 8 weeks. 
  1. The CME|NY Early Childhood Coordinator is available to support the intern as needed.

 General/Academic File Current/Early Childhood Practicum Site Guidelines-2014

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