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Carole Wolfe Korngold and K.T. Korngold


Carole Wolfe Korngold

Founder and Executive Director

Carole Wolfe Korngold is the Executive Director of the Center for Montessori Education/NY, now known as CME|NY, and the Montessori Children’s Center, located at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, a model year-round Montessori childcare program.  She is acclaimed for bringing authentic Montessori education to independent, public, and charter schools, as well to childcare centers and Montessori teacher training.  Past President of the American Montessori Society, she participated in the White House Conference on Early Childhood Development and Learning and Co-Chaired the Montessori International Congress in Rome, Italy.  Carole has been honored with the AMS Living Legacy Award for the year 2000 and the 2004 Arents Award from Syracuse University, the highest award an alumni may receive. A valued, esteemed, and beloved leader of the Montessori community since 1965, Carole has touched hearts and minds for decades and continues to inspire new generations of Montessori teachers and parents.  Carole has an M.A. (Manhattanville College), an AMS Early Childhood credential (Albany), and an AMS Infant and Toddler credential (CMTE/NY).

k-t-korngoldK.T. Korngold


K.T. Korngold has long been part of the family business behind CMTE/NY and CME|NY. In 2011, she became CEO.  She brings with her a lifetime of dedication to authentic Montessori principles and practices and a long connection with the programs of CME|NY.   K.T. was instrumental in the original design of the Montessori Children’s Center (MCC).  She has worked at CME|NY in various capacities, most notably in developing many of the promotional materials, handbooks, and written documents, and one of the first MACTE self studies for the program's accreditation.  K.T. is a trained CMTE|NY Infant and Toddler specialist and wrote a column for Tomorrow's Child magazine, entitled "Bringing Montessori Home."  Her articles have appeared in the book The Montessori Way, as well as in Infants and Toddlers Journal and Montessori Life magazine. K.T. helped in the design of the initial Infant room at the Whitby School and in the design for the first Middle School for The Montessori School in Wilton, CT. She received her AMS Administrator Cedential in 2013.  As a child, K.T. was part of the model classroom of the first Montessori education program for Head Start teachers in the United States, a training that Carole initiated in Albany, NY in 1967.  Both of K.T.’s daughters have attended Montessori schools, including MCC. She has a Master's degree from Columbia University, a B.A. from Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, and 12 Graduate Credits in Early Childhood Education from the College of New Rochelle. She has received an award from the Academy of American Poets.

K.T. has overall strategic and operational responsibility for CME|NY. She has a ground-up, deep knowledge of the programs, procedures, and business operations of CME|NY and is dedicated to ensuring the stability and strategic growth of the company.  With proven leadership skills, coaching talents, and relationship management capability, a strong background and demonstrable experience in marketing and communications, and an unwavering commitment to authentic, quality Montessori education, she engages the faculty, adult learners, alumni, partnering organizations, and Montessori community in the on-going development of meaningful, successful Montessori educational programs for both children and adults. She shares her knowledge of leadership skills with the Adult Learners in each of the CME|NY courses.



K.T. Korngold, Richard A. Ungerer, AMS Executive Director, and Carole Wolfe Korngold at the AMS National Conference, Dallas, TX, 2014.


Sandra Wyner Andrew


Sandra Wyner Andrew

Sandra began her career in education in 1968 and has a vast array of experience as both a teacher, a mentor and an administrator. Starting out as a science teacher in a British public school, she moved to Montessori Elementary Education 41 years ago after studying in Italy and gaining an AMI Montessori Elementary Certification. After working in private Montessori schools for many years, she was involved in the development of the Zanetti Montessori Magnet Public School in Springfield, at first as Montessori Mentor and then as its Principal. Presently she teaches in the College of St. Catherine’s Montessori Masters program and works as a Montessori Educational Consultant.

Sandra also holds a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Education Administration and an AMS Montessori Administrator's Certification. She is a presenter for CME|NY’s Course for Montessori School Management and Leadership (CMSM).


Lynn Benkowski

1201152Lynn Benkowski has been involved in Montessori education since 2006. She has been a head toddler teacher at Wyoming Valley Montessori School in Kingston, PA for eight years. Prior to her employment at WVMS, Lynn worked in public schools as Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) with Children's Service Center of Wyoming Valley. Lynn earned a BFA from Arcadia University in 2002, studying Art Education. She holds an AMS Infant/Toddler credential, having completed her training at CMTE/NY in 2007. She is a presenter and Field Consultant for the CME||NY Infant and Toddler Course.



Gilda Brower

Gilda Brower is founder and Director of Montessori Children’s House of Auburn, NY. Gilda has presented Intro to Montessori for CMTE/NY and has been involved in education since 1978. She is a presenter at AMS seminars. She has a B.F.A. in education (Montclair State Teachers College) and an AMS Early Childhood credential (Michigan).




Sheila Coad-Bernard

bernardSheila Coad-Bernard has more than twenty years experience working in Montessori middle schools.  Her expertise was instrumental in creating the renowned middle school program at the Washington Montessori School in New Preston, CT. She has consulted with other Montessori public and independent schools in the northeast to plan and implement middle school programs.  Sheila currently serves as the Middle school Director at the Washington Montessori School and as Program Director for WMSTEP, a MACTE accredited and AMS affiliated teacher training program for teachers interested in working with adolescents.  She is a presenter for CME|NY’s Course for Montessori School Management and Leadership (CMSM).


Marifrances Cooney

cooneyMarifrances Cooney has been involved in Montessori education since 1994 and has been a faculty member since 2002.  Currently she is an early childhood teacher at Hudson Country Montessori School in Danbury, CT. She was a founding member of Great Beginnings Montessori School in Fairfield, CT, where she was a primary teacher through 2009. Marifrances holds a B.A. in psychology and child studies (Charter Oak State College) and an AMS Early Childhood credential (CMTE/NY). She is the Early Childhood Practical Life presenter, as well as a field consultant for CME|NY.


R. D'Neil Duffy


R. D’Neil Duffy is a Faculty Member and School Consultant for CME|NY. She was a cofounder of Blackstock Montessori School in Villa Rica, GA, and has experience teaching 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12, as well as being a Head of School. Before Montessori, D’Neil was a traditional school teacher working in public and parochial schools for 12 years. She holds a B.A. in elementary education, an M.Ed. in counseling and guidance, and state certificates in elementary education, counseling, and administration and supervision. She has an AMI 3-7 credential and an AMS 6-12 credential. D’Neil is an AMS consultant and former Board Member, and has presented at local, national and international conferences. D'Neil is a co-founder of the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC), the successor to CME|NY's elementary program. She is co-author of Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Curriculum and Love of Learning: Supporting Intrinsic Motivation in Montessori Students.  D'Neil is a presenter for CME|NY's Course for Montessori School Management and Leadership (CMSM).


Michael Duffy

duffyMichael Duffy is a member of the CME|NY Elementary faculty, school consultant and media education specialist. He was a cofounder of Blackstock Montessori School in Villa Rica, GA, and has experience teaching 6-9 and  9-12, as well as running the school media center. Before Montessori, Michael was a journalist for 21 years with the Associated Press and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He holds a B.A. in philosophy, an  M.A. in theology, an M.Ed. in media education and an AMS 6-12 credential (CMTE/NY). Michael has presented at local, national and international conferences, and he is the author of Math Works: Montessori Math and the Developing Brain and is the co-author of Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Classroom and Love of Learning: Supporting Intrinsic Motivation in Montessori Students. He is a co-founder of the Montessori Elementary Teacher Training Collaborative (METTC), the successor to CME|NY's elementary program. Michael is a presenter for CME|NY's Course for Montessori School Management and Leadership (CMSM).


Maria Gravel

mariaMaria Gravel, Founder/Director of Seton Day Care Center in New York City from 1972-2008, is well known for her workshops in infant care. She was an on-site team member of the Montessori Council for Accreditation (now MACTE) from 1983-1994 and was a member of the AMS Review Committee from 1995-2001. Maria was a faculty member of CMTE/NY’s Infant and Toddler Program for over 10 years and continues being a Field Consultant for CME|NY.

Dr. Matilda Giampietro


Dr. Matilda Giampietro has been teaching music at the Washington Montessori School for 32 years.  She also teaches World Music in the music education department of Western Connecticut State University.  For 22 years she has given the teacher training program in music for the Center for Montessori Teacher Education (CMTENY). Matilda has presented many workshops on music and movement for Montessori schools through out the country, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Arizona, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, for Montessori teacher training programs, Early Childhood conferences and Orff Schulwerk conferences including the national AOSA conference in 2007.  In 1996 she was the American music presenter at the International Montessori Conference in Rome, Italy.

She is a soprano performing medieval and renaissance music with The Wykeham Consort.  She directed and performed with The Everyman Guild for 10 years.  Matilda served on the board of the Connecticut Orff Schulwerk Chapter for 15 years and served on the board of the Connecticut Elementary General Music Conference for 2 years.

In 2009 Matilda earned her doctorate in Sacred Music from the Graduate Theological Foundation in Indiana.  Her thesis is the presentation of three ceremonies, Winter Solstice Celebration, Earth Day and the Moving Up Ceremony developed at Washington Montessori School over the last 20 years.  These ceremonies include communal singing and dancing, storytelling, banners, bells, drumming and rituals which help build meaning, explore values and ground the whole community through the passage of time. Her thesis also includes her work as director of the Everyman Guild and 10 years of concert programs she researched, developed and presented which illustrate community created by adults making music together.

In 2012 Matilda was invited to join an international team of 5 musician-educators traveling to Village Health Works in Kigutu, Burundi.  They went to learn about and document Burundian music, to introduce western music education methods of the United States and Europe and to assist VHW in building a center of musical instruction and performance.  Matilda was invited to Burundi to share her knowledge of Montessori music and movement education.  This trip took place in February 2013, and again in June 2013.   In June of 2013, Matilda joined Nina Stern, recorder soloist and founder of S’Cool Sounds in her work teaching music to students in the FAFU School and The Shining Hope for Girls in Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya.  In July of 2013 Dr. Giampietro was the Montessori Music and Movement presenter in Guangzhou, China.

She is a sought after clinician and greatly enjoys spending the day teaching songs, singing games, dances and the traditional Montessori Music Materials.  Her work involves helping children and adults find, develop and enjoy their musical abilities through singing and dancing together, which builds and sustains the human community.


Susanne Gregory


Susanne Phelan Gregory served Richmond Montessori School as Head of School between February 2008 and June 2014 after being part of the school community as Ombudsman (2007), Trustee (2005-2007) and parent (1998-2002).  Susanne earned her AMS Certification in Montessori School Management (CMTE/NY) in 2008. She received a B.S. from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst and a Masters in Public Health/Maternal and Child Health from the University of Minnesota.  For over twenty years, she has worked with independent schools and non-profit organizations serving children and families to build systems, policies, and practices for sustainability and excellence.  Susanne has expertise in accreditation, long-range planning, school management, evaluation, non-profit governance, human resources, facilitation, philanthropy, and leadership development.   She is a presenter for CME|NY’s Course for Montessori School Management and Leadership (CMSM).



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